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ASPIDE1 Productions

About Us

Aspide 1 was founded in 2019 by Alessandro Albertini in Berlin.


The company focuses on all innovative forms of film art, in particular feature films, creative documentaries, television series and video art.


Independent cinema has seen a large number of successful storytellers in recent years.


We want to build on that and ensure that even more independent filmmakers have a say behind and in front of the camera.


Aspide 1 produces films and series that surprise and captivate audiences and take them on a journey into the unknown. We tells stories that pierce your head and resonate for a long time.

The Team

The People of ASPIDE1

Alessandro Albertini_edited.jpg
Alessandro Albertini
Alex Visani.jpg
Alex Visani

Director & Producer

Riccardo Cannella-4.jpg
Riccardo Cannella

Director & Producer

Armando Zorba.jpg
Armando Zorba

Production Coordinator

Arnold Damazzeti.jpg
Arnold Damazzeti

Actor & Executive Producer

Daniele Marinelli-683x1024.jpg
Daniele Marinelli

Sound Engineer & Soundtrack Author

Ingrid Monacelli.jpg
Ingrid Monacelli

Actress & Casting Director

Nicole Piccolomini.JPG
Nicole Piccolomini

Fundraising Coordinator

Ferruccio Carubini.png
Ferruccio Carubini

Visual Effects

Dave Tavanti.jpg
Dave Tavanti

Music Consultant

Gerard Damazzeti.JPG
Gerard Damazzetti

Casting Coordinator

Adriana Marinucci.jpeg
Adriana Marinucci



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